Freqently Asked Questions

Q: What is band4u?
A: band4u is run by musicians to help bands get bookings, and help clients find the right band for their function, party, corporate event etc.

Q: Do I have to pay to register my band on band4u?
A: Yes. There is a small charge of 5 per year for a Bronze listing; Silver listing costs 25 per year, and Gold listing costs 50 per year. Click here to see how the levels vary.

Q: How do the Bronze, Silver and Gold listings work?
A: For any band search, the matching bands are always displayed in the order Gold, then Silver, then Bronze. Other band attributes (e.g. feedback stars) will then determine where a band appears in the Gold / Silver / Bronze section. For example, a band with Gold level and two feedback stars will appear behind other matching bands with Gold level and more stars, but ahead of Silver or Bronze bands with any number of stars.

Q: Do bands pay any commission to band4u for bookings?
A: No, bands never pay commission on enquiries or bookings through band4u.

Q: How do I know that the bands on band4u are any good?
A: band4u makes no claims about the quality of the bands featured. However, a rating system is in place to request feedback from clients after their function or event.

Q: What does P.O.A. mean under band fees?
A: It stands for "Price On Application", i.e. contact the band via band4u for a price for your booking.

Q: How do I add a link to band4u to my band's website?
A: Click here for the code you need for the link

Q: I'd like a poster about band4u for my local music shop or studio - where can I find one?
A: Click here for two A5 flyers on one A4 sheet

Q: Why do my band's website address and email address not appear in the listing?
A: Clients can contact you through band4u using a submission form, rather than a straight email link. There are two benefits to this: firstly, it means your band's email address cannot be "mined" from the band4u site by spammers. Secondly, it means that band4u have a record of all client contacts. This information is used to rank bands in terms of contacts, and also to request band feedback from clients who have booked you. Also, whenever a client contacts you through band4u, they receive an automatic email containing your web address and email address.

If you have a question which is not answered here, please band4u with your question.